Fujitsu's Laptop4Life Scheme Gets You A New Laptop Every 3 Years 'Til You Die

Craziness: Buy one Fujitsu laptop, get a new one every three years until you're dead. That's basically the crazy principle behind Fujitsu's Laptop4Life program. Sure, you have to buy the extended 3-year warranty at first, not damage the old machine too much, and hang onto the receipt for grim death, but then you'll… »12/01/08 12:30pm12/01/08 12:30pm

Fujitsu Siemens ST6012 Tablet PC Quietly Hits, Looks the Biz

Last we heard from Fujitsu it was updating its iMac-alike »9/30/08 5:05am9/30/08 5:05am desktop PC, but the company has also just snuck out the ST6012 tablet PC very quietly. Running an Intel Core2 Duo beneath a 12.1-inch 1280 × 800-pixel touchscreen, the machine also packs 2GB of RAM, Intel GS45 integrated graphics, up to a 320GB HDD or optional…

Fujitsu's AMILO GraphicBooster External Graphics Card For Easy Laptop Upgrades

Fujitsu is set to launch an external graphics card solution dubbed the "AMILO GraphicBooster" sometime in the "next few weeks." Unfortunately, this information was leaked from a presentation, so there isn't a whole lot in the way of details—but we do know that the GraphicBooster is based on ATI XGP technology, it will… »5/16/08 4:30pm5/16/08 4:30pm

Fujitsu's "Zero-Watt" Monitor Uses Zero Power in Standby Mode

Fujitsu Siemens has developed a new monitor that claims to use zero power in standby mode. This money-saving monitor miracle is made possible thanks to a built-in switch that shuts down the monitor completely when a signal from the computer is absent—and then abruptly brings it back to life when the signal reappears.… »4/30/08 4:30pm4/30/08 4:30pm

Intel To Sell Its Home Server Reference Design for $500

By now you've seen Intel's sexy server: it's the one chosen as a reference design by Velocity Micro and Fujitsu Siemens for their Windows Home Server products. Well apparently Intel is not content to just be the silent partner in this, because it will now market the device as the Intel Entry Storage System, in both… »11/06/07 12:00pm11/06/07 12:00pm

HP MediaSmart Server Now Available; Iomega and Others Unveil Windows Home Servers

At long last, you can go order the eagerly awaited HP MediaSmart Server, running Microsoft's lovable Windows Home Server software. It's up at <a href="

»11/05/07 12:01am11/05/07 12:01am