Japanese Nuclear Plant Will Have to Cough Up Compensation

Normally, a natural disaster often results in companies being exempt from having to pay compensation. In TEPCO's case, however, the Japanese government has said being exempt from having to pay would be "impossible under current social circumstances." This has saved the government from having to foot the bill, when it's… » 3/25/11 8:20am 3/25/11 8:20am

Wounded Japanese Nuke Plant Venting (Possibly) Radioactive Air

This sounds bad. The quake-damaged Fukushima nuke facility will vent its air containment vessels, as pressure levels have risen dangerously. The air may contain harmful radioactive material, though an official evacuation notice has already been declared by officials. [NHK] » 3/11/11 2:53pm 3/11/11 2:53pm