Colleges Stalk Your Facebook To See How They Should Hit You Up for Money

On the scale of "irritating" to "soul-boiling" telemarketers, college alumni fundraisers aren't the worst. The way that school alumni relations offices decide which former students to contact, however, is a liiittle creepy. Colleges are scouring former students' Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to figure out who to hit… »1/26/15 1:50pm1/26/15 1:50pm

Kensington Jumps on Donation Bandwagon with Pink Si750m LE Wireless Mouse.

We told you about the pink Si750m LE, a couple days ago, but I found out a bit more behind the reasoning for the female-designed wireless mouse. This mouse is part of Kensington's Go Red campaign. It is similar to the (RED) campaign picked up by Motorola, Apple, etc., but Go Red supports the American Heart Association… »1/10/07 2:09pm1/10/07 2:09pm