LifeStraw Mark II Filters Bacteria and Virii Without Iodine Aftertaste

We like the idea of a straw that can filter water as you drink it, but the first version of the LifeStraw and its similar-looking cousin the iStraw added an unpleasant iodine taste to the water. According to its makers, the Lifestraw Mark II almost completely eliminates that yucky aftertaste while filtering out… »12/03/07 10:21am12/03/07 10:21am


iStraw Smacks Down All Kinds of Flora and Fauna in the Water

If you don't mind looking like you're smoking on some kind of high-tech water pipe, the iStraw can filter all kinds of creepy-crawlies out of whatever that is you're drinking. This little magic wand can keep away even the tiniest microbes, including that dreaded cryptosporidium bug. Its maker says it "reduces up to… »8/14/07 12:15pm8/14/07 12:15pm