Insect Lamp May Cause Smiles (or Nausea, Vomiting and Diarrhea)

For some of us, the cheapest lamp at IKEA will do. For others—especially those of us with doctors' orders to only read by illumination from insect—not any old fixture will work. No, those with Insect Luminance Disorder (ILD) require constant attention by lightning bug butt. However, when the bugs aren't mating, we can… »8/06/08 5:30pm8/06/08 5:30pm

Rocket Lamp Built From Jet Engine (Can We Get A "ZOMG")

This retro-styled rocket lamp is more than the absolutely most perfect accessory to complete any room, it's the absolutely most perfect accessory to complete any room that's built from the igniter can of a freakin' jet engine. One-of-a-kind and shamelessly worth its $2,100 sticker price, we want to push each and every… »5/09/08 9:20am5/09/08 9:20am

El Luminoso Rug Uses Wool and LEDs to Bring the Galaxy to Your Floor

Designed by Esti Barnes, El Luminoso is a made-to-measure carpet that mixes LEDs into the pile. Given that the last rugs I writhed upon with gay abandon wrote about were the Wurst rugs, a selection of sausage-inspired floor coverings that looked like a pool of puke, Esti's design is bleedin' gawjus. No idea of the… »4/08/08 6:57am4/08/08 6:57am