You: "I Love This Han Solo Coffin Coffee Table." Me: "I Know."

The latest episode of Super-Fan Builds just hit the internet and this time the lucky recipient is a member of the 501st, a group of Star Wars fans who build their own replica costumes and visit hospitals and other charitable events while dressed in character. If anyone deserves an amazing 'Han Solo frozen in… » 3/30/15 4:07pm Yesterday 4:07pm

Ikea Is Being Sued For Allegedly Stealing A Chair Design

Ikea's Melltorp stacking chair is a masterpiece of minimalist design — a cheap, robust, stackable chair that doesn't look like it belongs in a classroom. But, according to Emeco, it's not actually Ikea's design. » 3/25/15 11:12pm Wednesday 11:12pm

A Skyscraper Shelf Turns Your Books Into a Picturesque Skyline

If you haven't yet embraced e-reading and donated all of your printed books to your local library, you're probably also the type who likes to put your various tomes on display. So to guarantee that your carefully-curated collection gets noticed by visitors, store them on this Skyline shelf that makes them look like… » 3/20/15 5:00pm 3/20/15 5:00pm

Someone Incorrectly Labeled This Rocket Ship Bed As a Kids' Item

We all make mistakes, and we can only assume that Etsy-seller FableBedworks was in a rush when they posted this phenomenal transforming rocket ship murphy bed on their online store. Why else would they mistakenly refer to it as a "childrens bed" when there are certainly more than enough adults who would love a… » 3/17/15 11:55am 3/17/15 11:55am

This Intricate Table Collapses Into a Tiny Cube

How do you plan on spending your retirement? Moving to Florida, or taking up painting, perhaps? Izzy Swan, a retired furniture shop owner, is spending his by making impossibly complex transforming furniture. » 3/16/15 12:35pm 3/16/15 12:35pm

You can remotely control this huge robot arm to sculpt a cube

Designers Reed Kram and Clemens Weisshaar have reprogramed this robotic arm so anyone can control it online. They claim the robot will cut a cube in the shape you desire. If you want to try it just go to You can make furniture, create abstract forms, or forget about all that and enjoy this cool video. » 3/12/15 10:35am 3/12/15 10:35am

This Extra Mattress Rolls Up Into a Chair During the Day

Transforming a convertible sofa into a bed can sometimes seem more complex than Optimus Prime changing into a truck. For a more compact emergency bed that's easier to move wherever you need it, check out Campeggi's Girella chair, which is as simple to transform as unrolling a sleeping bag. » 2/25/15 6:30pm 2/25/15 6:30pm

This Crazy Chair Builds Itself

Building flat-pack furniture is a major pain in the ass, so much so that a MIT team has spent years and millions of dollars solving the problem. Actually, that's not quite true: the problem they're trying to solve is actually a far more exciting one, even if it won't benefit Ikea quite yet. » 2/21/15 6:00pm 2/21/15 6:00pm

This Optical Illusion Bar Stool Is Entirely Real

From the right angle, Josh Carmody's Legless Bar Stool looks like it's one leg shy of safely resisting the pull of gravity. But it's just an optical illusion made possible by some clever woodworking, and in reality it has all the legs necessary to remain upright. » 2/18/15 6:20pm 2/18/15 6:20pm

Inside Ikea's Globe-Spanning Project to Make Solid Wood Furniture

Ikea is one of the largest furniture company on Earth. It's one of the largest companies on Earth. When a company this big decides to make even a slight change to how it makes or sources its products, it's a massive undertaking. That's exactly what Ikea is doing right now—and I got an inside look at the process. » 2/16/15 11:20am 2/16/15 11:20am

Giant Meccano Home Pieces Let You Build Whatever Furniture You Need

Most of us are accustomed to, and very comfortable with, building furniture using an instruction manual. But what about when that safety net is gone and you're forced to construct tables, chairs, and shelves using just your imagination? That's what Meccano Home proposes, super-sizing the metallic construction toy so… » 2/10/15 9:30am 2/10/15 9:30am

A Coffee Table Book That Turns Into a Coffee Table Isn't the Worst Idea

We all laughed at Kramer's transforming coffee table coffee table book on Seinfeld (or maybe it was just the laugh track), but it turns out it's not actually a terrible idea. Or at least the version created by Mike Mak isn't. Using a combination of traditional book-binding techniques and a paper honeycomb structure,… » 2/09/15 11:50am 2/09/15 11:50am

A Game Where You Build Ikea Furniture Without Instructions Is Madness

Even with an instruction manual, assembling Ikea furniture can challenge the most amateur of do-it-yourselfers. But in this simple Mac and PC game called Höme Improvisåtion, players are challenged to assemble a box of parts into lamps, desks, and other furniture without any manuals, guidance, or idea of what the final… » 1/29/15 2:01pm 1/29/15 2:01pm

Watch This Tiny Side Table Transform Into a Full-On Rowing Machine

It's hard enough to find the motivation to work out when you've got access to a gym, but it's even harder when you have to drag out your exercise gear in a cramped apartment because space is limited. So the creator of the Ram & Row engineered their rowing machine to transform into a stylish piece of living room… » 1/20/15 10:43am 1/20/15 10:43am

A First Look at the Beautiful New Furniture IKEA's Bringing To the U.S.

I'll admit it: I love what IKEA's been up to lately. They're making high-tech however affordable desks. They're reissuing simple but sophisticated midcentury modern designs. And now, they're bringing a whole slew of drop dead gorgeous furniture to the United States, much of which is made of solid wood. I love it. » 1/08/15 11:18am 1/08/15 11:18am

This Lego-inspired furniture shouldn't just be for children

When you were a kid, did you ever imagine living in a house filled with Lego furniture? Well, thanks to the Lola Glamour, now you can—sort of. The Spanish designer has created a line of Lego-inspired furniture for kids. Of course, fun-loving adults are obviously allowed to buy it, too. » 1/06/15 7:00pm 1/06/15 7:00pm

There's a Dollhouse Hidden Inside This Transforming Chair

It doesn't take long for a child's bedroom or playroom to become filled with a sea of toys, furniture, and playsets leaving it a perpetual mess. So like with any room in your home, finding furniture that does double-duty can help maximize that space, and this child-sized wooden chair that transforms into a dollhouse… » 12/09/14 11:20am 12/09/14 11:20am

A Seesaw Table Means You'll Never Eat Alone

Some people sit down to enjoy a nice, relaxing meal with their partners. Others, like the mad evil genius behind this seesaw table, like a little extra danger with their microwave pizza. » 12/01/14 9:16pm 12/01/14 9:16pm

Rock-Inspired Tables Bring The Outdoors In

Decorating with a nature theme is all well and good, but hauling two-ton boulder up three flights of stairs gets old quick. That's why these tables, inspired by rocks but weighing significantly less, could make so much sense. Well, that, and they look sweet. » 11/29/14 6:00pm 11/29/14 6:00pm

Ikea Is Reissuing Amazing Old Designs From the 1950s and 60s

Ikea is over 70 years old, which means the company has survived through dozens upon dozens of design trends, from stuffy conservatism in the late 1940s to the craziness of the 60s. Wonderfully, the company is now plucking classics from its archives to sell in some stores. » 11/20/14 4:30pm 11/20/14 4:30pm