I've seen the future and it's this touchscreen Pizza Hut menu table

Behold the future, my friends. It isn't hoverboards or laser swords or transportation hailing apps or drone deliveries, it is this: a gigantic touchscreen that lets you build your own pizza on the table that you will eat it on. Use the touchscreen to perfectly customize your order, play games while you wait and pay… »3/04/14 1:08am3/04/14 1:08am

What the terrifying future of a drone police force would look like

Let's face it. If you believe that Amazon can realize the awesomeness that is drone delivery, you should halfway fear a future of an overbearing police drone force monitoring us. That terrifying totalitarian future might not be as promising as Amazon's vision for drones but what does that matter to an obsessive… »12/11/13 7:32pm12/11/13 7:32pm