Weird Combo of the Day: More Cowbell Hat With Purchase of Rock Band or…

If there's one thing Canadians know how to do, it's party it up with either Rock Band or Guitar Hero III. Seen in this flyer by reader John, you get a free "More Cowbell" hat whenever you buy either of the two games. Walken, who made another appearance on SNL over the weekend (monologue was great, the rest was meh),… » 4/07/08 8:45pm 4/07/08 8:45pm

Rumor Smashed: Sony Did Not Raise PS3 Prices

Best Buy and Future Shop may have jacked up the price of a PS3 on our northern neighbors from C$659.99 to C$699.99, but it wasn't an ill-advised cash grab on Sony's part. An SCEC representative confirmed that Sony didn't nudge the price skywards; individual retailers made the choice to do so. I never thought I'd tell… » 1/27/07 3:29pm 1/27/07 3:29pm