This amazing floating underwater city may become a reality in China

A Chinese company wants to build this incredible four-square-mile floating underwater city using the same techniques they're using for the construction of the 31-mile bridge that links Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai. It's incredible—the kind of stuff I dreamed about when I was a little kid. » 5/21/14 7:25pm 5/21/14 7:25pm

Would You Risk Looking Like An Idiot Who Can't Tell The Time for These Pretty Watches?

Yes, watchmaker Ziiiro has come out with other neat, futuristic watch designs before. And it's true that you may never get used to their quirky method of telling the time. In fact, it'll most likely get you squinting and peering at the accessory for an extended period, causing your friend with the innocent "Hey man,… » 4/20/11 9:00am 4/20/11 9:00am

NBC's Gemini Divison Debuts Windows Mobile 100

I think NBC's web-only Sci Fi series The Gemini Division » 8/18/08 7:30pm 8/18/08 7:30pm is about an alien, or a robot, or an alien robot that somehow got Rosario Dawson to be its girlfriend. I like that. I also like the Rosario somehow got her deliciously moisturized hands on what looks like a "Windows Mobile" phone, which was kind enough to point…

Ku-b Design Is Glowing, Transforming Kitchen of the Future

We've shown you both modular and futuristic kitchen gizmos before, but now there's this new design that somehow combines the two. Dubbed Ku-b, it's a kind of sculptural, transforming cooking station with flat cooking plates, illuminated surfaces and built-in computer and screen. In closed position, it's a… » 6/13/08 9:30am 6/13/08 9:30am