Animal Astronauts: The Unsung Heroes of Space Travel

Astroblogger Leroy Chiao belongs to an elite, exclusive club of earthlings who have ventured into space. Also in that club? Animals. Lots of them. This is tribute to the world's bravest "astronimals." » 5/06/09 9:00pm 5/06/09 9:00pm

Cellphone-Smuggling Pigeons Are a Jailbird's Best Friend

Hey you jailkeepers, you know how the inmates been asking about keeping harmless little pigeons around? Well, it's a con: They're using them to smuggle in cellphones. » 3/31/09 10:40pm 3/31/09 10:40pm

Florida Is Scrambling Crocodiles' Brains With Magnets

Strapping a magnet to a crocodile's head seems like two counts of animal cruelty for the price of one, just to appease old people in Florida who are racist against crocodiles in their backyards. » 2/26/09 9:30am 2/26/09 9:30am

Control-A-Cat Remote Only Makes Cats More Frustrating

Dear Manufacturer: As the owner of two dumb felines, I was pleased when you introduced the 21-button Control-A-Cat remote with "meow" and "catch mice" functionality. But certain buttons on my unit don't seem to work. » 2/18/09 8:00pm 2/18/09 8:00pm

10 Reasons We're Doomed: Toy Fair Edition

Toy Fair, despite the sunny name, is not just a place of wonder and magic. If you look below the gilded surface of happiness and joy, you can actually see portents of doom. Doomy doom. » 2/18/09 11:00am 2/18/09 11:00am

If You Eat an Endangered Species, Don't Post Pictures of Your Feast on…

An Illinois couple went to the Bahamas and, desiring a truly exotic vacation, caught and ate an endangered iguana. Of course, they posted pictures of their totally wild excursion on Facebook. Which got them arrested. » 2/10/09 3:00pm 2/10/09 3:00pm

Amish Farmers Fight Government to Battle Bovine Mark of the Beast

Generally, the government doesn't meddle too much in Amish affairs—it doesn't make them educate children after the eighth grade » 9/12/08 6:40pm 9/12/08 6:40pm, for instance, 'cause of the First Amendment and all that. So it's kind of surprising to see many Amish threaten to quit farming in a over lojacking their livestock with the Mark of the…

Bald Eagle Gets Prosthetic Beak, Much Like Uncle Sam's Bionic Plasma Arm

Remember that bald eagle that had its beak shot off by a poacher? Well, it finally got its prosthetic beak, and it's back in action. » 6/09/08 10:02am 6/09/08 10:02am

CIA Animal Tech: Bats, Cats and Rats As Covert Operatives

I was surprised to learn that the CIA has had a long though not always fruitful relationship with the animal kingdom. In Spycraft, the authors describe many clever animal-assisted devices, from the dead-rat dead-drop pouch to the "acoustic kitty," a cat with a remote listening system embedded in its body. And what's… » 5/22/08 2:20pm 5/22/08 2:20pm

Hamster Wheel Powered Toy Car

Here's a old but good idea in honor of Fuzzywuzzymodo: power a toy car by hamster. The Flintstones would approve. I personally think its a better use of hamster power to rig a traditional gerbil wheel with a generator capable of charging a battery which in turn can charge a USB device. I mean, how else are the vermin… » 5/05/08 10:23pm 5/05/08 10:23pm

Question of the Day: Will Robotic Pets Ever Replace The Real Thing?

We have seen creepy robotic cats, dogs and even parrots. It may seem ridiculous to think that these types of toys will ever make the jump from novelty to full-fledged replacements for our beloved pets, but lets face it—you're lazy. Think about a future without walking dogs, scooping poop or the emotional pain that… » 5/05/08 8:00pm 5/05/08 8:00pm

Infinity Aquarium Is a Goldfish Freedom Simulator

Your goldfish may never truly be free, but if you had one of these infinity aquariums you can trick them into thinking they are thanks to a design that "loops the fish around in an infinite tunnel of water and glass." It's like a mini fortress of solitude for your little underwater friends—giving them a life precious… » 5/05/08 7:00pm 5/05/08 7:00pm

A Hippopotamus Isn't the Most Practical Family Pet I've Seen

This is Jessica, a hippo that was found abandoned as a baby but is now the pet of the Joubert family in South Africa. It thinks it's people! There's no gadget connection here, but when Blam says it's animal day, who am I to argue? [Actually, I said gadget related animal posts. Hippos are gadgets, though. —B.L.] Hit… » 5/05/08 5:30pm 5/05/08 5:30pm

One "Horsepower" Vehicle is a Slap in the Muzzle

Once upon a time horses were the kings of the open trail. The best horses were treated like royalty and their riders were worshiped for their skill. Unfortunately, those days are over. The Naturmobil pictured here was was built by Abdolhadi Mirhejazi of Dubai and it is powered by a single horse walking on a treadmill,… » 5/05/08 5:00pm 5/05/08 5:00pm

Eagle With Prosthetic Beak Will Be Better, Stronger, Faster

In much the same way that science came to the rescue for a tail-less dolphin, a very dedicated group of volunteers is working hard to develop a robo-beak for one unfortunate eagle. "Beauty" was the victim of a hunter's bullet a number of years ago, leaving her unable to clutch or tear at food. Over the course of the… » 5/05/08 3:00pm 5/05/08 3:00pm

Gizmodo Animal Day (Just Because)

I asked Wilson why we had two animal posts on the page, back to back. Seems like overload on critters. But then I kind of remembered I really LIKE animal + gadget stories. I mean, FuzzyWuzzyModo was my idea, and all. So, I think we'll do a few more posts like this, for the hell of it, on this slow news day. Look, a… » 5/05/08 2:21pm 5/05/08 2:21pm

Kitty Tanning Bed is a Bad Sign for Humanity

This is a tanning bed for cats and dogs. Also, it is a sign of the apocalypse and/or the downfall of the American empire. Because really, when you're tanning your pets, you don't deserve to have any influence over the rest of the world. You're officially an idiot. » 5/05/08 10:40am 5/05/08 10:40am

Dolphin Gets Prosthetic Tail

Winter was just two months old when she got her tail caught in a crab trap—and rendered a useless stump—off the coast of Florida. After a long recuperation and a year and a half of hard labor by one of the veterinary world's top prosthetics wizards, Winter became the first dolphin to receive a functional but fake… » 5/05/08 10:20am 5/05/08 10:20am