T-Mobile G1 Google Android Phone Review

There is a lot riding on the shoulders of T-Mobile's G1 Android phone. In some ways, it carries the collective hopes of Linux, open source and Google fans everywhere. It's open, collaborative and community-based, in other words, everything the iPhone and Windows Mobile aren't » 10/16/08 12:00am 10/16/08 12:00am. As so many onlookers crowd around this…

Five Reasons to Be Super Psyched About Android (and Five Not to Be)

The launch of Android is the most important event in mobile phones since the release of the iPhone. It could actually be more important, in the long run. Even if it doesn't exceed Google's wildest dreams to become a ubiquitous mobile platform, it's sure to re-stoke innovation in mobile phones as platforms slug it out… » 9/20/08 12:00pm 9/20/08 12:00pm

First Shots of HTC Dream Fondled in the Wild

Our first shots of HTC's Dream (or G1, whatever the hell it's called) being fondled out in the real world are perhaps not coincidentally the first ones that make the phone look like it's something you can carry in the open. They look fairly real to us, and match up with what we've seen before » 9/19/08 12:44pm 9/19/08 12:44pm, but the reflections are…

HTC Says Android Phone Not Delayed, Really, They Swear

Yesterday, an analyst said that according to his sources, HTC is not having a jolly good time developing their Android headset, and it's probably going to be delayed 'til 2009. "Not so!" says HTC. They say that his facts do "not match the facts" and you will damn well see their Android phone by the end of 2008,… » 8/08/08 1:15pm 8/08/08 1:15pm

HTC's Android Phone Might Be Delayed 'Til Next Year, and Other Signs…

Contradicting HTC's assurances a couple days ago that its Android phones are on track for later this year, an analyst at Global Equities research says that, according to his sources, HTC is "having structural problems to incorporate Google's demanded feature set" and "demanding a guaranteed minimum revenue surety from… » 8/07/08 8:50pm 8/07/08 8:50pm

Actual Google Phone Rumors Revived: Designed by Ammunition Group

Talk about a single, branded GPhone more or less died down after the announcement of Android, but it seems that you just can't completely kill a good rumor. According to TechCrunch, an Android phone made by Google may actually become a reality, based on two new bits of information-the first being a quote in The… » 7/13/08 2:01pm 7/13/08 2:01pm

T-Mobile Launching Android Handset By Year's End

Even though T-Mobile has been onboard with the Open Handset Alliance since the start, they're just now confirming they're launching an Android phone—by the end of this year. Thankfully, T-Mo's 3G network is getting flipped on this summer, plenty of time before Android drops—granted, only in four major metro areas. But… » 2/13/08 1:10am 2/13/08 1:10am

WiFi Army Game Under Development for Android, Seems Awkward

Here's an example of the kinds of unique programs we can expect on the upcoming Android platform: WiFi Army, a game that takes place in the real world using GPS and your phone's camera. Basically, when you get in range of other players your phone will let you know and show you who your enemy is. You then take them out… » 12/20/07 10:03am 12/20/07 10:03am

Google Going It Alone in Wireless Spectrum Auction to Open Own Wireless…

The Wall Street Journal details a lot of the "strong signals" Google's going to bid in the upcoming 700MHz spectrum auction in order to launch a wireless network of its own. Aside from openly declaring "we are making all the necessary preparations to become an applicant to bid," what's really compelling is that » 11/16/07 12:55pm 11/16/07 12:55pm

Details on Android's $10 Million Bounty For Your Homebrew Apps

You might have heard, Google's offering $10 million in total prizes for savvy programmers willing and able to make kickass apps for the Android platform. Why so much when other dev communities are getting into the groove for free? A Google rep told me, "We wanted to provide a big enough pool to reward and recognize as… » 11/13/07 5:17pm 11/13/07 5:17pm

What Android's SDK Reveals: Games, Apps and Four New Smartphone Layouts

As promised, the Open Handset Alliance and Google have launched the Android SDK, and a very quick glance inside shows the plan for four different smartphone configurations, very close to the design aesthetic we'd expect with HTC on board. There are also a bunch of sample images depicting a warm, friendly—I might add,… » 11/12/07 12:05pm 11/12/07 12:05pm