The Gazebo Gets a 21st Century Update

Summers right around the corner and, for a lot of us, that means BBQ and outdoor eating. But, rather than get one of those schlocky extendable awnings they sell on late-night TV, shelter your guests in a stylish sphere. » 5/24/12 1:40pm 5/24/12 1:40pm

Apple Not Happy With Japanese Sex Aid gPod

The makers of a sound-activated vibrating sex aid, a two-man company in Osaka, Japan, have managed to get Apple all riled up. The reason? They've named their gadget the gPod, after "the G-Spot and jii, the Japanese word for masturbation." Stuck inside the cooter (the official medical term), the gPod connects to iPods,… » 11/07/06 5:30pm 11/07/06 5:30pm