Hit and Run Drivers Beware, the Car Camera Voyager Pro is Always Watching

So some jackass hit your parked car and didn't leave a note? Who cares! You have GPS and Brickhouse Security's Car Camera Voyager Pro on your side to log pretty much all you'll need to bust their ass and collect your insurance money. The unit contains a G-sensor that detects fender benders, as well as a camera that… »7/20/08 11:00am7/20/08 11:00am

I-O Data HDH-USR2 External Hard Drive Stops Its Rockin' When You Come A-Knockin'

Previously seen mainly in laptop technology, shock sensing is making its way to external drives. I-O Data's new drive (with 3.5" disk) is available in sizes up to 1TB, and its G-Sensor stops any read-write activity when the drive is jostled. The thing is, it's not bus-powered, so it's not something you'd lug around… »10/31/07 8:28am10/31/07 8:28am