This Tempered Titanium G-Shock Celebrates 30 Years of Tough Casios

The idea to create "the toughest watch in the world" came to Japanese creator Kikuo Ibe, when he dropped and broke a precious watch given to him by his father. The first G-Shocks were developed in the 80s, and 30 years on they're tougher and smarter than ever. One item in particular, "the ultimate G-Shock", has been… » 10/19/12 6:09am 10/19/12 6:09am

Casio Tough Movement For G-Shock Uses Internal LEDs to Sync Time

These watch guts from Casio can receive radio synchronization signals from six transmitters around the world every hour at the 55-minute mark-if the individual holes in the gear sprockets don't line up in precisely the exact position as measured by a 16Hz blinking LED and a phototransistor, the watch adjusts… » 8/01/08 9:40am 8/01/08 9:40am

Four More Casio G-Shocks Round Out 25th Anniversary Collection

Four new G-Shocks that weren't seen at this week's 25th anniversary party are now being shown off. On top is the GW225E-7, the cream of this crop. It's ISO 200 meter water resistant and built for divers. It has a timer that logs dives, and memory storage for vital stats like blood type, diver certification card and… » 5/16/08 1:47pm 5/16/08 1:47pm

Casio Celebrates 25 Years of G-Shock With Four New Models

Casio just unveiled four new G-Shock models at their 25th anniversary event tonight in NYC. Kanye West is here, but the watches are definitely taking front and center. Two are analog, the other two digital, and all feature Multi-Band 6 atomic time synchronization and solar batteries. The one above is the MT-G, or… » 5/14/08 8:17pm 5/14/08 8:17pm

Casio Updates Baby-G With Colors, Tilt-to-Zoom Display

Just the other day Casio came up with some colorful retrotastic G-shocks, and now the Baby-G is getting a color treatment, with a neat zooming display. The BG-2000/2001 series come in white, yellow and orange with shiny wrist bands and complimentary colored LCDs that you can customize in five styles. There's also that… » 4/30/08 6:36am 4/30/08 6:36am

New Casio G-Shocks Love Solar, Color, World Peace, Etc

Continuing our obsession with recapturing the worst of the '80s in wristwatch form, these new Casio G-Shocks are more than a little fantastic. Aside from their classic G-Shock form, a solar panel under the face constantly recharges the watch so it's ready to automatically illuminate whenever you check the time. » 3/12/08 10:21am 3/12/08 10:21am