Casio G'zOne Boulder Mil-Spec Cellphone Crammed with GPS, Compass, Lantern and More

Casio's G'zOne rugged-ass cellphone has been updated yet again, and this time it's called the Boulder. The Mil-Spec clamshell's got GPS, a 1.3MP camera, an LED lantern, microSD support and a digital compass in its shock-, dust- and water-resistant frame. The Boulder is out now in black or orange for $130 after 2-year… »7/28/08 6:00pm7/28/08 6:00pm

Casio's Incredibly Sturdy G'zOne Cellphone One Gets Abused

Casio's G'zOnes are nothing if not sturdy, which is why people who favor ruggedness over any other feature are picking these up. Just how unbreakable are these things? Incredibly. Our buddy Danny from Wired took these outside so both a football team and a soccer team could throw it around. Check out the video to see… »3/31/08 6:15pm3/31/08 6:15pm

Quick Read Verizon G'zOne Type-S Review and Gallery (Verdict: Awesome Exterior, Boring Innards)

We posted a teaser about the follow-up to the original G'zOne. Today, Verizon Wireless is rolling it out, the G'zOne Type-S, a shock- and weather-resistant baby with some sweet design features built by Casio. Now I can tell you how I really feel about it. Check out the gallery below, then jump for my two cents (and… »5/31/07 9:13am5/31/07 9:13am