T-Mobile's Teaser Site Could Be For Android-Powered HTC Vision/Vanguard

Whether you want to call it the HTC Vision, Vanguard or G1 Blaze, a mention of the rumored phone has been dug up in some source code on a mysterious teaser product page at T-Mobile. » 7/28/10 7:20am 7/28/10 7:20am

How To Hack Google Maps Navigation Onto Your G1

It's basically a ritual now: Fresh feature debuts on new Android phone; hack-happy G1 owners see new feature, develop seething jealousy; said owners work tirelessly to steal new feature. Last week, Google Maps Navigation hit the Droid. Today, the G1. » 11/11/09 9:42am 11/11/09 9:42am

Official Android Facebook App Coming As Soon As This Week

Some solid unofficial Facebook apps have cropped up for Android lately, but it looks like they're going to be displaced by an official app as soon as this week. It's going to be different than the iPhone one. » 7/28/09 9:45pm 7/28/09 9:45pm

Android Donut Build Out: Full Multitouch, Universal Search, Automated…

Google's dropped new code for Android Donut and it sounds too good to be true. People at XDA Developers are reporting it has system-wide multitouch, universal search, text-to-speech, automated backups, a new camera app, and somehow, supposedly better performance. » 7/25/09 6:20pm 7/25/09 6:20pm

The Month in Android Apps: Location, Location, Location

Stalk your friends, have brunch with them at a Zagat-rated spot nearby and stream the whole thing live from your Android phone. Saw VII? No, it's just this month in Android apps.
» 6/28/09 5:30pm 6/28/09 5:30pm