Canon G15 Review: Fast Lens, Small Sensor—What Gives?

Canon's "G" line of cameras have always appealed to point-and-shooters looking for more of a pro experience. The new G15 has some great details—is it a $499 camera worth considering? » 11/06/12 3:50pm 11/06/12 3:50pm

Logitech Z10 Interactive Speakers Reviewed (Verdict: Interactively…

If you're looking for a pair of 2.1 USB speakers without the .1, the Logitech Z10 Interactive Speakers should do fine. Thanks to the woofers mounted on the back of the satellites, the pair replicate bass well enough for people who don't want to get cardiac arrhythmia every time they listen to a Snoop track. » 11/28/06 2:50pm 11/28/06 2:50pm