Pedal-Powered OLPC Tested in Afghanistan: Free Power (and Killer…

OLPC's Give One Get One initiative has delivered around 11,000 XO-1 laptops to Afghanistan schools alone. But power is a problem when you get off the grid, so the team there has had to think outside the box. » 10/13/09 9:50am 10/13/09 9:50am

OLPC Give 1 Get 1 Returns Nov. 17 at Amazon

One of the OLPC's » 9/30/08 12:50pm 9/30/08 12:50pm few successes—besides —was its Give 1, Get 1 program. Okay, it , but overall, the program was a success in getting the laptops out there. No surprise then that it's coming back on Nov. 17, though this time they'll be wisely letting take care of the logistics. [ - ]