HP Arms 11 Laptops With AMD's Sandy Bridge-Esque Fusion APUs

AMD says their Fusion Accelerated Processing Unit is "Sandy Bridge done right," which combines a CPU and discrete ATI graphics on the same die, allowing more efficient processing, increased battery life and improved graphics performance. Now it's in 11 new HP laptops. » 6/14/11 8:06am 6/14/11 8:06am

Another Melted G4 Mac Laptop

So, remember that melted laptop? Yes, the one that the Genius Bar employees and more-than 5,000 Gizmodo readers thought was foul play in an attempt to get a new laptop. Well, another e-mail popped in our box just now, with an almost identical incident happening to someone else many years ago, when the laptops were… » 1/25/07 7:30pm 1/25/07 7:30pm