Dell Extends Warranties for Laptops With Failing Nvidia Chips While Nvidia Stays Mum

A major cause of frustration in the Nvidia notebook GPU fiasco-where "significant quantities" of notebook graphics cards »8/19/08 10:30am8/19/08 10:30am are packaged with "weak" materials leading them to overheat and fail at a "higher-than-normal rate"-is that Nvidia is declining to identify exactly which chips are bad, . So you've gotta find out…


Proof Nvidia Desktop G86 Graphics Cards Affected by Materials Defects?

The extent of the problems plaguing Nvidia's graphics cards »8/14/08 4:20pm8/14/08 4:20pm is still controversial, though the company that "weak" materials have caused "higher-than-normal" fail rates in certain mobile GPUs, which appear to be graphics cards. The Inquirer said those issues extended , which . Interestingly, that Nvidia has issued…

Nvidia Denies Imminent Epidemic of Graphics Chip Combustion

Took a little longer than I expected, but Nvidia has come around to denying that basically every GeForce 8400-8700 graphics card powered by the G84 and G86 chipset is a flawed, ticking timebomb, waiting to die from overheating issues. They say that the problem affects "only a very small percentage of the notebook… »7/16/08 10:40am7/16/08 10:40am