Simple and Cheap Network Attached Storage Is Your Deal of the Day

You're supposed to back up your computer regularly, but it's easy to understand why many people don't, especially if their daily driver is a laptop. If you're rarely at a desk, it's fairly annoying to have to plug in an external hard drive. What you need is a simple NAS, like this Seagate Central currently on sale. »6/12/13 3:00pm6/12/13 3:00pm

A Surface RT With A Free Touch Cover Is Your Deal of the Day

When the Surface RT launched, the most exciting hardware feature was the Touch Cover, a slick cover-keyboard hybrid. However, it cost an extra $120, which is a lot for a practically obligatory feature. Microsoft's online store is now giving them away with a Surface RT purchase, which is the way it always should have… »6/05/13 3:00pm6/05/13 3:00pm