This Box Makes It Easier To Fall Asleep By Slowly Removing Blue Light From Your TV Screen

Researchers have confirmed that the blue light emitted by all of our electronic devices at night messes with our melatonin production–which in turn hinders a good night’s sleep. But with this black box connected to your TV, you can fall asleep to Netflix and still have a good night’s slumber. »11/17/15 1:00pm11/17/15 1:00pm

A Touchscreen That Knows the Angle of Your Finger Is Way Cooler than 3D Touch

What’s most impressive about this touchscreen that knows the exact angle of the finger touching it is that it’s the same display hardware found in every smartphone on the market right now. Its special abilities are all enabled through software, meaning your own phone is already capable of this. »11/16/15 9:00am11/16/15 9:00am

You Can Finally Buy That Beautiful Handheld Wooden Video Game Emulator

A few months ago designer Love Hultén had us all lusting over his portable wooden gaming console called the Pixel Vision that reminded us of the folding Game Boy Advance SP. And in response to all of the positive and envious feedback he got, he’s decided to put it into production and sell it via Kickstarter. »11/13/15 11:55am11/13/15 11:55am

Your Smartwatch Might Soon Know Exactly What You're Touching

Although undetectable by our limited five senses, most electrical devices emit small amounts of unique electromagnetic noise, which is actually transferred through our bodies. So by modifying the hardware to detect those signals, researchers have created a smarter smartwatch that can sense exactly what you’re holding. »11/09/15 5:30pm11/09/15 5:30pm

This Smartwatch Detects Gestures By Watching the Muscles Inside Your Arm Move

Your smartwatch’s incredibly tiny touchscreen isn’t necessarily the easiest way to navigate its interface. So to make hand gestures more reliable and more robust, a team of researchers has created a strap that can see inside the wearer’s arm and track the movements of the muscles instead. »11/09/15 4:00pm11/09/15 4:00pm

All I Need Is This Android Wear N64 Emulator and Ocarina of Time On My Wrist

The Nintendo 64 might not have had the massive library of games like the PlayStation did, but it made up for it with quality over quantity. Do you ever really need anything more than GoldenEye and Ocarina of Time? No. And with this N64 emulator on your smartwatch, those games will always be in easy reach. »10/30/15 10:02am10/30/15 10:02am

This Leave-In SD Card Merges With Your MacBook's SSD to Increase Its Capacity

By now there are countless flash cards designed to sit perfectly inside the MacBook Air’s SD card slot and boost the laptop’s storage as an extra onboard drive. But the TarDisk Pear is the first to actually merge with a MacBook’s SSD, creating a single hybrid drive for easier file management. »10/29/15 12:00pm10/29/15 12:00pm