Xbox Media Center Comes to Macs

Xbox Media Center, which was originally a media center for some console whose name we can't remember, has finally come to Macs. Why would you need this when FrontRow or other media centers work just fine natively? As the XBMC team (and loyal fans) can attest to, the codec support, usability and functionality is higher… » 2/07/08 1:05pm 2/07/08 1:05pm

Xbox Live Vision Camera On Sale Now for $39

In case you forgot about this Xbox Live Vision camera—since people were getting them a month ago—it officially goes on sale everywhere today. For $39.99 you can be putting your own picture on your gamer pic, streaming your face to Xbox Uno players, and carrying on video conversations with your friends halfway across… » 9/20/06 6:15pm 9/20/06 6:15pm

The Room Defender

This toy is great both for your kid and for the office. The room defender works by pointing it in a direction where you want it to auto-sense movement. The victim crosses its field of vision, the Defender fires 16 foam discs at the unsuspecting intruder. » 7/14/06 8:18pm 7/14/06 8:18pm