Ha, These Earbuds Will Make It Look Like a Pencil Is Sticking Through Your Brain

When someone puts on earbuds, they're pretty much telling the rest of the world to not bother them. It's the universal symbol for shut the hell up. But if someone put on this Magic Pencil earbuds? That's a conversation starter. I mean, these earbuds make it look like a pencil has been stabbed in one ear and out the… »3/13/13 11:30pm3/13/13 11:30pm


Fresh Salmon Pillow: Guaranteed Mercury-Free, Stays Fresh After Three Days

Even though this looks like the catch of the day chilling out in your refrigerator, there's nothing fishy at all about this Fresh Salmon Pillow. From the looks of the photo, it's quite realistic, but we're still scratching our heads in wonder, trying to figure out why such a thing exists, and who would put this on a… »4/09/07 11:16am4/09/07 11:16am