Bloody Serial Killer Shower Curtain Brings Murderous Fun Into the…

There's actually a lot more to this bloody shower curtain Halloween decoration than meets the eye. There's the obvious stuff, of course, like the homage to Alfred Hitchcock classic Psycho. And the blood splatters and hand prints themselves say a lot about the owner. But beyond that, there's a little something extra in… » 7/27/08 4:00pm 7/27/08 4:00pm

Bathroom Louie Helps you Drop a Deuce

Had enough of the pooping gadgets yet? Yeah, me neither. Bathroom Louie is a little guy who provides a bit of bowel encouragement. It is sound-activated. When bathroom Louie hears some bodily noises he will start making more repulsive noises of his own from every orifice followed by wiggling an a "Hal-le-lu-jah!" at the… » 5/03/07 2:40pm 5/03/07 2:40pm