RIAA Toilet Paper

Oh-ho! Show that RIAA what you really think of their lawsuits with this RIAA-labeled toilet paper. Make sure every wipe contains the full RIAA letters, or you may be wiping that behind to spite to Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) and that can't be a good thing. Drunk Irishmen in planes is someone to not piss off.

Get the Full XBox 360 Experience

Some blokes—that's British for guys—in Britain posted this full XBox 360 experience package, currently going for about $10. It's not a 360 per se, but it's actually these guys dressed up like aliens who will shoot you with paintballs to get the real-life thrills of Halo 2 (??)—"For another 50 quid Andys brother…

Finger Nose Hair Trimmer

In all honestly, this is one of the worst manufactured nose hair trimmers on the market today. The actual nose hair trimming portion is under half an inch long, definitely not far enough to get those deep hairs near the Corpus Collosum. And the finger portion is proportionally wrong, not wide enough to allow access…