The First Image From Gaia's Mission to Scan the Entire Sky

This image of twinkling stars is the first picture to be beamed back to Earth by the Gaia telescope—whose mission is to scan the entire sky. » 2/06/14 8:39am 2/06/14 8:39am

How the Gaia Telescope Will Scan the Entire Sky

When the Gaia space telescope launches next week, it's going to attempt the biggest astronomy project of all time: it will try and scan the entire sky, capturing images of at least a billion stars in our galaxy. » 12/12/13 8:35am 12/12/13 8:35am

How the Gaia Spacecraft Will Reveal the True Nature of Our Galaxy

Our solar system is positioned near the edge of the Milky Way. It's a nice part of town, sure, but it doesn't allow for a very clear view of the rest of the galaxy. That's prevented us from studying many of the Milky Way's fundamental aspects, like whether it has two arms or four, how big it is, how fast it's moving,… » 1/03/13 11:30am 1/03/13 11:30am

Keian Gaia 1200 Power Supply Has 1400W Peaks, Feeds Quad-Everything,…

Perhaps requiring your own nuclear reactor to run, the Keian Gaia 1200W is a power supply that not only looks better than most PC, but can also feed everything. And with everything, I mean everything, from dual Quad-core processors (both Intel Core 2 Duo and AMD Socket AM2 processors are supported), to three Quad SLI… » 3/07/07 5:35am 3/07/07 5:35am