World's Largest Telescope Opens its Eye in Canary Islands

It has taken seven years to construct, and at a cost of almost $180 million, but the Great Canary Telescope - now the world's largest stargazer - is up and running. Situated on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria Las Palmas, off the African coast, the GTC is 4 per cent larger than the Keck telescopes at Mauna Kea, in… » 7/13/07 4:29am 7/13/07 4:29am

James Webb Space Telescope: Boldly Peeking Where No Man Has Peeked…

This is the James Webb Space Telescope, NASA's new infrared peeping Tom and part of the effort to replace Hubble. It looks like an Imperial Star Destroyer and it seems just as big. OK, maybe it's not Enterprise-fire-your-transphasic-torpedoes huge, but as you can see in this impressive actual-scale model, it is … » 5/11/07 7:00am 5/11/07 7:00am