How Big Is the ISS Compared to Science Fiction Spaceships?

We are so used to the International Space Station that we don't give its massive scale a second thought. I, for one, took it for granted until a newly-released NASA photograph reminded me that this thing is huge »11/26/08 11:20am11/26/08 11:20am. So huge that I fired up Photoshop and did an illustration comparing it to a Mk1, a Corellian corvette,…

Battlestar Galactica PC Mod Can Actually Hold Colonial Vipers, Raptors

This Battlestar Galactica PC is the most impressive case mods I've seen in a long while, from the front side-loading optical drive player-located behind a laser-cut transparent BSG medallion, so you can actually see the disc spinning-to the opening side bay to see the interior of the PC to the front LCD screens to the… »10/13/08 10:20am10/13/08 10:20am

Battlestar Galactica Exclusive Spoilers, and 8-Minute Video Summary

Click to viewBattlestar Galactica! Starbuck! Fracking Battlestar Galactica! Today! Starbuck! Fraksters! Did you forget something about it? Shame on you! But don't worry: get up to speed with this 8-minute summary video of the whole series, you fracking Cylons! And then, skip the need to watch the Final Season by… »4/04/08 1:00pm4/04/08 1:00pm