Why the Galaxy S III Mini Is a Major Letdown

The Galaxy S III is one of the best phones you can buy. It's fast, it's beautiful, it's got guts most handsets can only dream of. Which is why it's so disappointing—inexplicable, even—that Samsung's Galaxy S III mini isn't just the same, but smaller. It's a lesser phone in every conceivable way. And that sucks. » 10/11/12 2:03pm 10/11/12 2:03pm

The Galaxy S III Mini Is Official, and Officially Boring

We got really excited yesterday when we heard there would be a miniaturized Galaxy S III coming. Our excitement didn't last long, because a second rumor hinted that the specs wouldn't be anywhere close to the original S III. » 10/11/12 12:15pm 10/11/12 12:15pm

Samsung's Galaxy S III Mini Might Have Shrunken Specs, Too

When Samsung confirmed that its 4-inch Galaxy S III mini was real, it promised that it wouldn't just be another horrible tiny budget phone. But if MobileGeeks' information about the handset is correct, we may be in for a letdown tomorrow. » 10/10/12 8:28am 10/10/12 8:28am