The Samsung Galaxy S III’s Lockscreen Is Full of Holes Too

It seems it's pretty much safe to assume that if someone has your phone in their possession they'll be able to get through the lockscreen: now, the Samsung Galaxy S III has a security bug too. You can gain full access to a locked Galaxy S III with a series of simple button presses. » 3/07/13 7:31am 3/07/13 7:31am

Samsung Launching New Four-Inch Galaxy S III Mini Tomorrow

Samsung has confirmed that it will unveil a new, smaller Galaxy SIII on October 11th. The new phone won't be a budget version, but rather a (slightly) scaled-down device, with a four-inch screen for those who prefer a more pocketable handset. » 10/10/12 4:38am 10/10/12 4:38am

Samsung Galaxy S III Review: A Great Phone That Tries Too Hard

Samsung's Galaxy S II was the king of Android in 2011. But now HTC is on top with the new One X. The Galaxy S III is the most anticipated spec-beast of the year (so far), but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the best. » 6/20/12 12:01am 6/20/12 12:01am

Samsung's TecTiles Put NFC Anywhere You Want It

NFC (that's near field communication) is a slick mobile technology that's in its infancy. To grow it up in a hurry Samsung will be selling sets of little NFC stickers called TecTiles along side the Galaxy S III. What can they do? A lot, actually. » 6/13/12 12:01am 6/13/12 12:01am

Samsung Galaxy S III Will Be Out This Month for $200 (Updated)

The Samsung Galaxy S III, third of its name and new king of Android phones, will be out in the US this month on all four major carriers (plus US Cellular). It'll start at $200 for the 16GB version, and scale up from there. » 6/04/12 8:46am 6/04/12 8:46am

Samsung's Awkward Galaxy SIII Seduction

There were some very awkward quotables during Samsung's Galaxy SIII launch event, but none more awkward than this doozy, which was huskily whispered during the camera section: » 5/03/12 2:55pm 5/03/12 2:55pm