Blizzard's Overwatch short film is worthy of Pixar

Blizzard announced their new game today. Its name is Overwatch and, looking at the short film—they call it trailer, but it is a short—they could produce a movie out of this. Make Brad Bird direct it and grab a few billion dollars on top of all the gazillion dollars that they are going to be making from the game. » 11/07/14 11:49pm 11/07/14 11:49pm

Hilarious retro game lets you play as Glorious Leader! Kim Jong-un

Behold the trailer for Glorious Leader!—a game that lets you play as Kim Jong-un battling against the forces of capitalism evil on foot or your trusty unicorn. You can be the Supreme Leader of North Korea himself and a friend can play with you as Dennis Rodman. » 5/15/14 8:53am 5/15/14 8:53am

This 3D illusion animation of the old game Snake is pretty damn cool

Chris Carlson does great 3D illusion paintings. This stop motion, forced perspective, chalk painting version of the classic game Snake—present in every single dumbphone and available as a BASIC game for every computer of yore—is pretty damn cool too. » 4/28/14 2:23pm 4/28/14 2:23pm

Playing Flappy Bird inside this box is way more fun than on your phone

Missed out on your chance to download Flappy Bird? It's okay. You can just make a DIY box version of the same game. It looks way more fun. That's what Fawn Qiu did. She made an IRL version of Flappy Bird using an Arduino sensor, two servo motors, a reed switch and magnets. Oh and of course the box where it all happens. » 2/18/14 9:00pm 2/18/14 9:00pm

Classic Arcade Game Designs Illustrated as a Field Guide

If your recollections of arcade games past are starting to fail you, perhaps you just need the Amusement Field Identification Kit in your life. » 12/20/13 5:34am 12/20/13 5:34am

Google's Doctor Who Platform Game Doodle: A Perfect Friday Time Sink

This weekend is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who's first appearance on the small screen, and Google has chosen to celebrate it with a wonderful multi-level platform game. » 11/22/13 4:20am 11/22/13 4:20am

Real-Life Architectural Puzzles Made for Escaping

You're alone in a room, or perhaps with a small group of friends, looking for a way out, searching all the walls and surfaces around you—even the furniture and objects—for clues. There is no apparent way out. There are no immediately visible doors. » 10/11/13 2:40pm 10/11/13 2:40pm

Gravity-Controlled Pac-Man Is Now Available for iOS and Android—and It…

I thought Not Pacman—a version of Pac-Man that uses gravity to control the yellow hungry monster—was awesome and needed to be ported to iOS and Android ASAP. Gizmodo reader Pierre-Yves Gatouillat agreed with that opinion and he did just that. He sent this via email: » 1/28/13 2:45pm 1/28/13 2:45pm

Can Someone Please Make This Awesome Game a Reality?

This is not a game. I wish it was, but it is not. It looks like the stages map for the most awesome 8-bit game I can possibly imagine, but It's an awesome 8-bit image made by Eric Poulton. It's titled Underneath It All, which is a great game name too. » 12/18/12 10:40am 12/18/12 10:40am

Experience Mars Curiosity's Seven Minutes of Terror With Your Own Body

On August 5, NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover team will live seven minutes of absolute terror. Until then, however, they are all playing this new Kinect-based Mars Rover Landing game. Or hopefully not, because that would probably make them even more nervous. » 7/16/12 5:13pm 7/16/12 5:13pm

The Computer That Can Learn a Board Game in Two Minutes—And Beat You At…

If you think you're good at board games, you just met your match. Because a computer scientist has developed machine learning software that can watch your playing for just two minutes—then comprehensively thrash you. » 7/10/12 1:40pm 7/10/12 1:40pm

Commandos Now Play Digital Brain Games as War Prep

U.S. special operations forces carry out some the military's toughest, most high-stakes missions. To pull them off, the commandos need speed, agility and swift perception skills akin to those of top-tier professional athletes. That might explain why the military's latest commando training program will rely on a… » 5/08/12 6:59am 5/08/12 6:59am

Two-Player iPad and Android Game Olo Is Finger-Flickin' Fun

Proving that sometimes the best games are the simplest, the boules-like game Olo works in the browser for iPad and iPhone thanks to CSSS3 and HTML5, but Android users can also download it here. [Olo via SwissMiss] » 8/09/11 4:05am 8/09/11 4:05am

We Might See Sony's PlayStation Vita Launch Late October

Sony's not been forthcoming with dates for the PlayStation Vita launch, but according to a Blockbuster flyer, it could be arriving October 28th—at least, in the UK anyway. [IGN] » 8/01/11 4:10am 8/01/11 4:10am

A Sure-Fire Way To Win At Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, paper, scissors … shoot. We've all played the game as a child and an adult, but did you know there's an easy way to increase your odds of winning. All you have to do is close your eyes. » 7/19/11 11:33pm 7/19/11 11:33pm

Ball Invasion Game Turns Your Walls Into A Battleground

Augmented reality is interesting, but that technology is way over-used in navigation and point-of-interest apps. That's why it's so refreshing to see a game like Ball Invasion and developers like 13th Lab who use AR in a new and exciting way. » 7/13/11 9:37pm 7/13/11 9:37pm

Nintendo Definitely Isn't Developing Games For iOS and Android

A Pokemon game may be coming to iOS, but that doesn't mean Nintendo's relented on developing games for other platforms, with their spokesman commenting that their strategy "hasn't changed and won't change." So, if you really must play Mario on the move, get a DS...or download an emulator. [Bloomberg via Kotaku] » 7/07/11 7:45am 7/07/11 7:45am

A Portal On Your Sidewalk You Can't Jump Through (Updated)

Here's a chalk portal created by an unknown artist in an unknown city of an unknown state. Despite all the unknowns, the sidewalk drawing is absolutely fantastic. [James Stowe via NerdApproved] » 6/28/11 11:45pm 6/28/11 11:45pm

R2-D2 Whistles the Saddest Song When You Operate On Him

You can just imagine the whistles and bleeps R2-D2 would make as you accidentally touch the sides of his Hasbro Operation game body. Or if you cough up $27 from September, you don't even have to imagine. [Toywiz via ChipChick via OhGizmo] » 6/28/11 7:20am 6/28/11 7:20am

Memrise Is a Viva Pinata For Language Students

Memrise is an online farming game similar to Viva Pinata. It's built on words, not some silly buzzlegums and mixes addictive gaming with mnemonics to make learning a new language fun. » 6/23/11 8:05pm 6/23/11 8:05pm