Blizzard's Overwatch short film is worthy of Pixar

Blizzard announced their new game today. Its name is Overwatch and, looking at the short film—they call it trailer, but it is a short—they could produce a movie out of this. Make Brad Bird direct it and grab a few billion dollars on top of all the gazillion dollars that they are going to be making from the game. »11/08/14 12:29am11/08/14 12:29am


Playing Flappy Bird inside this box is way more fun than on your phone

Missed out on your chance to download Flappy Bird? It's okay. You can just make a DIY box version of the same game. It looks way more fun. That's what Fawn Qiu did. She made an IRL version of Flappy Bird using an Arduino sensor, two servo motors, a reed switch and magnets. Oh and of course the box where it all happens. »2/18/14 9:05pm2/18/14 9:05pm

Commandos Now Play Digital Brain Games as War Prep

U.S. special operations forces carry out some the military's toughest, most high-stakes missions. To pull them off, the commandos need speed, agility and swift perception skills akin to those of top-tier professional athletes. That might explain why the military's latest commando training program will rely on a… »5/08/12 6:59am5/08/12 6:59am

Nintendo Definitely Isn't Developing Games For iOS and Android

A Pokemon game may be coming to iOS, but that doesn't mean Nintendo's relented on developing games for other platforms, with their spokesman commenting that their strategy "hasn't changed and won't change." So, if you really must play Mario on the move, get a DS...or download an emulator. [Bloomberg via Kotaku] »7/07/11 7:45am7/07/11 7:45am