A DIY Classic Game & Watch Handheld Made With an Old Nokia Cellphone

Before the Game Boy came along, handheld gaming consoles were limited to just a single title, played on a low-quality segmented LCD display. At the time it was cutting edge stuff, but by today's standards they kind of suck. So to scratch his nostalgic gaming itch, Instructables contributor Andrew Hannay built his own… »3/23/15 5:38pm3/23/15 5:38pm

Interview: Collecting Every Nintendo Game & Watch Ever

Before there was the Game Boy, there was Game & Watch. DS Fanboy has a sitdown with two dudes who scoured the world to collect every Game & Watch handheld ever produced: 60 in all, each one a unique and delicious plastic bundle with a single game, like Snoopy Tennis or Donkey Kong Jr. How obsessed is collector Michael… »7/05/08 7:30pm7/05/08 7:30pm

Nintendo Game & Watch Modded Into Cellphone (Verdict: WANT)

Click to viewLook, what our friend the crazy modder has done now: mixed a 1981 Octopus Nintendo Game & Watch with a cellphone with his bare hands, probably creating the best retro game handheld/cellphone combo ever. What makes this Octo-phone better than the WiiPhone is that, first of all, people won't think you're a… »1/31/08 8:30am1/31/08 8:30am