History Proves the iPhone Will Never Win the Handheld Gaming Wars

Super Monkey Ball »8/15/08 2:00pm8/15/08 2:00pm is arguably the current zenith of iPhone tilt gaming. The gameplay involves navigating your bebubbled monkey through a series of elevated, edgeless mazes without letting him fall—it's fun, if repetitive. Nintendo's is similar: The player guides Kirby through mazes using tilt-sensitive control,…

Game Boy Foot Controller Mod For a Full-Body Music Experience

Musician and Game Boy modding guru Joey Mariano has developed an eight headed, foot pedal monster that allows users to control the buttons of a Game Boy color with their feet. The sequencer hack processes the whole thing into an electronic orchestra of sorts, which could be quite impressive in the hands of a skilled… »11/27/07 5:20pm11/27/07 5:20pm