Razer's Master Plan To Win Living Room Gamers Starts With Android TV

Every year, Razer comes up with a crazy product to wow the crowds at the Consumer Electronics Show. A tablet with a built-in controller! A Lego-like desktop PC! But this year's surprise is actually four products that work together: an Android TV microconsole, a Bluetooth gamepad, a streaming service, and a… »1/06/15 9:00am1/06/15 9:00am


Pandora's Nintendo DS On Steroids Will Be Out for the Holidays

Pandora, the muscled-up Nintendo DS frankenmonster with Linux OS, will be finally available for the holidays shopping season. With only 3,000 units planned, the $350 game console has no commercial games and is aimed at the homebrew market. Obviously, it's not going to be a hit but its final feature list looks… »10/03/08 8:40am10/03/08 8:40am

NES Cartridge Modded into NES System With Screen, Space-Time at Risk Again

I've changed my mind: this has to be the most jaw-dropping NES mod ever, beating April's one. And this time the space-time continuum is at risk of ripping. Modder Darkeru over at Ben Heck forums has twisted reality around by including an entire NES emulator system, plus controls, plus an LCD screen into an original… »7/06/08 12:00pm7/06/08 12:00pm

NES Cartridge Modded into NES System. Space-Time Remains Intact

This has to be the most jaw-dropping NES mod ever ... putting a whole system-on-a-chip NES console clone into an original game cartridge. Talk about how to demonstrate the advances in shrinking electronics over the years! Modder Kotomi took an original Super Mario Brothers cartridge, gutted it and somehow squeezed in… »4/22/08 6:26am4/22/08 6:26am