I Survived a Japanese Game Show: Dizzy Weddings and Chastity Belts

This week's bewildering I Survived... challenge dressed contestants as bride and groom before sending them across narrow bridges to meet and consummate their union like it's 1499. The catch(es)? They're surround by a sea of powder and the floor is spinning, both literally and figuratively. Before the challenge starts… »7/30/08 7:40pm7/30/08 7:40pm


I Survived a Japanese Game Show: Shooting Balls, Breaking Faces

This week's over-the-top I Survived... challenges didn't have as much gadgety goodness as usual, but were strangely satisfying nonetheless. First, Velcro-clad contestants were dangled in front of of a teammate, who would try to pass them Velcro balls to catch. The objective was for the dangler, manipulated by two… »7/23/08 9:52pm7/23/08 9:52pm