​Wii Mini Coming to U.S. With Mario Kart Wii for $99.99

Nintendo is easing out the full-fledged version of their super-successful Wii console. But, for folks in the market for a Wii machine without the U in the name, there's the Wii mini. It'll come with Mario Kart Wii, which seems slightly counterintuitive for a console without online functionality. » 11/04/13 3:54pm 11/04/13 3:54pm

Wii Classic Controller Gets a GameCube Makeover

The Hori Classic Controller isn't just a Wavebird knockoff for the Wii. It's a strange amalgamation between the old and new, borrowing the iconic Wavebird formfactor while simultaneously swapping those ridiculous Wavebird controls for the more practical 4-button setup from the SNES/Classic Controller and a pair of… » 11/18/08 10:30am 11/18/08 10:30am

Special Dongle De-Bricks Dead Wiis, Loads Any Homebrew

Internally, Nintendo uses a tool called a "Waikiki adapter" to boot Nintendo Wiis in recovery mode—bricked or not. Now one modder has apparently duplicated the device, a simple flash drive that fits in the GameCube memory port of the Wii, and set a demonstration to some righteous 80s guitar riffs. If commercialized,… » 9/04/08 2:30pm 9/04/08 2:30pm

Nintendo's Wii Classic Controller and GameCube GamePad Getting a Temporary Ban on Sales

As a result of Nintendo's loss in court to a Texas-based company called Anascape, the judge ruled that all sales of the Wii Classic Controller and the GameCube controller need to be temporarily halted until funds can be placed into an escrow account. What's the impact on you, Joe or Dan Consumer? Starting today, July… » 7/23/08 1:00pm 7/23/08 1:00pm

Nintendo Billed $21 Million For Patent Infringement

A federal jury has ordered Nintendo to pay Anascape $21 million for infringing on patents, and almost ironically, all of this has nothing to do with the Wiimote. Instead, their violations were for the GameCube, WaveBird and Wii Classic controllers. The news doesn't come as any huge surprise, as during the last… » 5/15/08 8:55am 5/15/08 8:55am

Nintendo Releasing NEW White GameCube Controller

Why Nintendo's releasing a new wired controller after they discontinued the wonderful wireless WaveBird is unknown to us, but Japan will be able to get a brand new white gamepad for about 2000 yen, or $20 this month. Like most things Nintendo, it'll take a few months to get to the States (if it even does). Looking at… » 4/09/08 12:30pm 4/09/08 12:30pm

Wall-E GameCube Mod is Too Cute (but Not Too Cute for the Giz)

Long before the Pixar movie hits the big screen this summer, a group of German modders have been inspired by Wall-E's cuteness to take an old and unloved Nintendo GameCube and some scraps of metal and acrylic, and put together a sweet mod that looks just like the little robot himself. It even has tank treads and a… » 2/21/08 10:50am 2/21/08 10:50am

Handheld Gamecube Mod Gets B- For Effort, F For Quality

If you're going to turn a Nintendo Gamecube into a handheld portable device, you should really spend a little more effort than this man here. Geekologie doesn't have any details on it, but as you can see, whoever did this just broke a regular GC controller in half, soldered some holes into a piece of plastic,… » 1/14/08 1:50pm 1/14/08 1:50pm

Nintendo Wireless Wavebird Controllers Discontinued, World Weeps

Although the GameCube didn't really advance the gaming world in any giant steps on the software side, it did introduce to us the fact that a wireless controller can not suck. The wireless Wavebird controller, which eliminated wires in living rooms everywhere (not really everywhere, since we know how well the GC sold)… » 1/02/08 2:50pm 1/02/08 2:50pm

Nintendo Wii Passes Lifetime GameCube Sales Already (In Japan)

Showing both that they've learned their lesson and just how lousy GameCube sales were, the Wii has passed the latter's lifetime sales in just about a year's time. In the time period between November 27, 2006 and now, the Wii has sold about 4 million units while the GameCube has sold only about 3.9. And the GC came out… » 12/13/07 4:10pm 12/13/07 4:10pm