Gameloft's New iOS Wireless Controller Is a Portable iCade

ThinkGeek's adorable iCade is genius. It turns your iPad into a little arcade! Asteroids forever! If it has a drawback, it's that, well, it kind of destroys the iPad's portability. Meet the Bluetooth Duo Gamer controller, which sheds the cabinet for a dock that'll fit in your backpack. » 10/01/12 12:50pm 10/01/12 12:50pm

New Lost Game for iPod Teletransported From the 90s

Just in time for the season finale, Apple today posted a Lost game for iPod in the iTunes Music Store. The game reminds me a bit of the old Monkey Island graphic adventures, although I doubt it has the same wacky and wonderful dialog of Guybrush Threepwood and company. However, $4.99 will buy you some Jack role-playing … » 5/22/07 12:50pm 5/22/07 12:50pm