Rogue One Is Coming to Star Wars: Battlefront, The Force Awakens Still Isn't

Fans of EA’s cinematic Star Wars shooter Battlefront have been begging to see content added to the game that went beyond the first three films. While the publisher has ruled out that Force Awakens-era content, today they revealed that at least one of the new movies will make its presence felt in Battlefront this year:

Seeing Super Mario Maker in Real Life Will Make You Glad You Don't Live in a Video Game

You probably never stop to think about just how nightmarish the Mushroom Kingdom is while playing any of the Super Mario games. But this real-life version of Super Mario Maker really puts things into perspective. If this is what a plumber’s life really is like, it’s far more intense than just fixing pipes and…


The Creator of Settlers of Catan Has Some Important Gameplay Advice for You

Klaus Teuber is a name that’s probably not immediately recognizable to you but might ring a bell in the back of your mind because as the inventor of Settlers of Catan, his name graces every box. Surprisingly, board game design was originally Klaus’ hobby, but after selling 25 mil copies of Catan, he no longer has to…