Games for Windows LIVE Now Free For All (Includes Multiplayer)

Games For Windows LIVE, the PC equivalent of Xbox Live, has now gone free. As of now, you won't have to subscribe to a Games For Windows LIVE Gold Account ($49 a year) in order to get the PC to PC or PC to Xbox 360 multiplayer action. Great news for PC owners, but we hope that Microsoft will refund the cash for people… »7/22/08 2:59pm7/22/08 2:59pm


Dealzmodo: Free Subscription to Games for Windows

An updated, larger, and wider version of the iZ3D Three-Dimensional gaming monitor we reviewed in September is being launched at CES. Along with an improved look—they went black from silver—there are slightly less nerdy-looking glasses as well. The new specs look like goggles from that weird undersea part in Star Wars… »1/04/07 12:45pm1/04/07 12:45pm