Apple Patents iPhone Gaming Add-ons With Buttons, DS-Like Control and…

These patents found by Patently Apple shows that Apple is, at the very least, thinking about getting serious about gaming. They know their iPhone and iPad aren't good for all games—no buttons—so they added buttons. » 4/02/10 9:50am 4/02/10 9:50am

Logitech Releases Cordless Headset and Keyboard for PS3

PS3 fans will be happy with Logitech's new headset and keyboard. The Cordless Vantage headset and MediaBoard keyboard both have Bluetooth technology, and will be out Stateside in time for the Holidays. Prices and more info, plus a purdy picture of the piano-black keyboard, are after the jump. » 9/12/07 11:21am 9/12/07 11:21am