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HP Gaming Mice Have 5 Programmable Profiles, 5 Macro Buttons

HP has two new mice out dedicated to gaming. The HDX Laser Mouse gives you five mouse setting profiles, five programmable macro buttons, and is allegedly eight times faster than conventional mice. The slightly more advanced Laser Gaming Mouse with Voodoo DNA gives you everything the regular laser mouse has, plus HP's… » 9/16/08 12:00am 9/16/08 12:00am

Razer 4000DPI Lachesis Mouse Reviewed (Verdict: Great on a 30-Inch…

With 3200dpi gaming mice becoming de rigeur, Razer needed to step it up to 4000 to keep the pissing match going. Even though a 3200dpi mouse is already too fast for some, I4U's reviewer says that Razer's 4000dpi Lachesis "is very accurate and tracking is great," particularly in Crysis. But, most of you probably aren't… » 11/27/07 7:40pm 11/27/07 7:40pm

Saitek Cyborg 3200dpi Gaming Mouse Is Ugly, Super Customizable

Saitek continues on the path of insane 3200dpi laser gaming mice, though its latest, the Cyborg, seems to take a cue from Logitech's G9 design-wise with a boatload of customization options—unless you're a leftie (ha!). Besides being similarly ugly, you can adjust the grip by sliding the front section forward or… » 10/31/07 4:50pm 10/31/07 4:50pm