New Palm Gandolf Photo Surfaces, Redubbed the Palm Treo 500?

New photos of the Palm Gandolf have appeared, and if they're legit, the Gandolf has taken on a new look and a new name — the Treo 500. The Windows Mobile phone keeps a similar form factor and same Vodafone branding as before, but now has a darker color scheme and a bigger screen. » 9/10/07 5:54pm 9/10/07 5:54pm

Palm Gandolf Officially the Centro, Smallest Treo Ever, For Hobbits…

The Sprint Tech summit happened today and Palm unveiled the Palm Centro to analysts today. Gearlog has a hands on, saying that it runs on EVDO, is targeted at youngsters, and has a QWERTY and touchscreen, as we could have gathered from the leaked shots and carrier. The price? An unbelievable $99, and supposedly, it'll… » 8/16/07 8:07pm 8/16/07 8:07pm