iOS and BlackBerry Apps Coming Soon From Garmin Navigation

We didn't care much when the official Garmin-ASUS collaboration ended this week (anyone who read our review will know why), but ASUS still has exclusive rights to Garmin's navigation tech for Android phones apparently. iPhone and BlackBerry users can expect to see a navigation app from Garmin soon, though how soon is… » 10/27/10 4:35am 10/27/10 4:35am

Android Nuvifone From Garmin-ASUS To Be Revealed Next Month, Possibly…

A year ago, the satnav people at Garmin made an alliance with Asustek, the computer people. A while later, the G60 and M20 went on sale. In October, we branded the G60 with a 'DO NOT BUY' review tag. » 1/21/10 7:35am 1/21/10 7:35am

Are The Garmin-Asus Nuvifone G60 and M20 Both Headed to AT&T?

Following recent launch list rumors, and confirmation of U.S. tests, two separate credible sources now report that the Linux-based G60 and Windows Mobile-based M20 Nuvifones are on course to AT&T. » 8/20/09 7:45am 8/20/09 7:45am

Garmin-Asus Nuvifone M20: A Surprisingly Cute WinMo 6.1 GPS Phone

Garmin-Asus will launch the M20, a Windows Mobile 6.1 phone, sometime this year. True to the name, this cute touchscreen handset comes with car dock and a full set of GPS maps for deep-country use. » 2/12/09 1:30am 2/12/09 1:30am

Garmin-Asus Nuvifone G60 Screenshots and Specs

Though Garmin-Asus' Nuvifone M20 may soon steal the spotlight, the original phone—now called G60—will still be first to market. Here are its final specs, and a new screenshot gallery of the Garmin-designed interface. » 2/12/09 1:29am 2/12/09 1:29am

Garmin-Asus Nuvifones Coming: First G60, Then WM, Then Android

Forget Eee Phones: Garmin and Asus have created a strategic alliance to design, build and sell co-branded Nuvifones, starting with the original one—now called G60—and probably moving towards Windows Mobile and Android. » 2/04/09 1:30am 2/04/09 1:30am