5 Gadgets You Can't Skimp On (And How to Save Money Buying Them)

The Financiapocalypse can't stop Christmas, but it can sure as hell suck some of the joy out of it. At the very least, it's probably making you reconsider just how much you wanna spend on toys for yourself and others this holiday season. You're probably looking to cut corners here and there, on dollar-store… »11/26/08 12:20pm11/26/08 12:20pm

Garmin 785T GPS and Friends: Free Lifetime Traffic, Lane Assist, 3D Transparent View and Bluetooth

Garmin'sdropping four new models to the higher-end 7x5 lineup with the nüvi 755T, 765T, 775T and the 785T. All models will include lifetime traffic alerts via NAVTEQ Traffic and Bluetooth connectivity, but the updated 7x5 series will include the most exciting new features: a 4.3" touchscreen, a 3-D transparent view of… »8/27/08 12:20pm8/27/08 12:20pm

Garmin Juices Up nuvi Line With New Voice Control on 880, Fatter Screen for 260w

What's What: Updates all along the nuvi line. The top-of-the-line 880's big gun is new speech recognition with a steering wheel-mounted push-to-walk remote, and burnt coffee lovers can bark out commands like "find nearest Starbucks." The Catch:Voice controlled GPS means you gotta turn the radio down to command, no? »1/03/08 5:00pm1/03/08 5:00pm

Garmin Stretches Out its Nuvi 200 Series with Wider Screen, Better Resolution

As fans of the Garmin Nuvi 200 GPS, we can't help but like the new Nuvi 200W. In a nutshell, it's a Nuvi 200, but with a wider 4-inch screen. Screen resolution also got a bump up to 480x272. The 200W seems to be the European version while the 250W will probably make its debut here in the States. The 200W is going for… »6/01/07 9:10am6/01/07 9:10am

Garmin Nuvi 670 GPS with MSNDirect for Weather, Traffic, Movie Times

Here's a leaked Garmin Nuvi GPS. Two things. The Nuvi's new widescreen format makes it harder to pocket, and the whole nuvi concept was pocketability. Secondly, this one pulls data from MSN Direct. You know the same tech that powers spot watches. Those things sucked, but this could work out nicely. It probably will… »11/28/06 11:58pm11/28/06 11:58pm