Sony BDP-S350 and Panasonic DMP-BD50 Blu-ray 2.0 Enabled/Ready Players Reviewed Head-to-Head

Our good friend Gary Merson the HD Guru reviewed Sony's BDP-S350 and Panasonic's DMP-BD50, the latest Blu-ray players from each company, Battlemodo style. Both BD players scored high marks on video performance, with a slight edge to Panasonic, but Panasonic's $600 BD50 smoked Sony's S350 on pretty much everything else. »7/29/08 8:40pm7/29/08 8:40pm


1080p TVs Never Deliver 1080p Motion, But Some Do Better Than Others

It's a fact of life: when you buy a 1080p set, you never see true 1080p resolution when things are in motion. Gary Merson (of Home Theater Mag and looked at 19 TVs listed as 1080p, and found that while their "static" resolution ranged from true 1080 down to a miserable 400, the "motion" resolution of the… »11/16/07 8:42am11/16/07 8:42am