Genepax Unveils a Car That Runs on Water and Air

Running a car on water has been the holy grail for car manufacturers for some time now, but it appears that a Japanese company named Genepax may have pulled ahead of the competition with a prototype vehicle that runs entirely on water and air. Their new "Water Energy System (WES)," generates power by supplying water… » 6/13/08 6:10pm 6/13/08 6:10pm

Origo Develops Recycling System that Turns Car Emissions Into Fuel

The concept has been around for a while, but Origo Industries is planning on being the first company to release a CO2 recycling system that turns your car emissions into fuel. The unit captures CO2 from your car exhaust and stores it until it can be recycled in a home unit that uses algae to produce bio-oil. According… » 6/05/08 4:00pm 6/05/08 4:00pm

Shell Station in LA to Offer Hydrogen Later This Month

A Shell station on Santa Monica Boulevard will begin dispensing hydrogen fuel later this month as part of a research program run by the US Department of Energy in conjunction with GM. The station will be followed in the next few months by other stations in the LA area in an effort to build the mini networks necessary… » 6/04/08 6:20pm 6/04/08 6:20pm