The Trouble With the iPhone Apps Business

It's no secret that being an iPhone app developer is at times rough business, mostly due to Apple's goofy authoritarianism. But judging by some recent soul-spilling by a few leading devs, things are getting rougher. » 12/11/08 7:40pm 12/11/08 7:40pm

iPhone's Gas Cubby Car Care Tracker Is Anal So You Don't Have To Be

We played with Gas Cubby, the car maintenance tracking tool for iPhone, and can say that the $5 is a pretty low price to pay if you really want to keep your ride in good condition. Among its many hardcore features are gas price fill-up tracking and graphing, service tracking and data (insurance, VIN) storage. We all… » 11/17/08 6:00pm 11/17/08 6:00pm