Venezuelan anti-government protesters are cobbling together home-brew gas masks from just about anything they can find—including empty water bottles packed with cloth, stuffed into larger water bottles—to defend against tear gas attacks from their nation's riot police as clashes between the two sides grow more violent… » 2/28/14 11:17am 2/28/14 11:17am

Strap On the Bong Gas Mask But Don't Look in the Mirror Ever

Oh, you have medical problems and need a puff of the green stuff, but are worried your bong is failing you? Strap on the bong gas mask for size. Just don't think of My Bloody Valentine while doing so. » 10/26/10 5:40am 10/26/10 5:40am

The Bra That Doubles as a Gas Mask Is Now For Sale

Remember the Emergency Bra? It's the lovely brassiere that can save lives. How? When the bra is removed, the cup of the bra can be worn as a gas mask. I'm not joking. It's now available, here's how it works: » 9/25/10 8:00pm 9/25/10 8:00pm

Gas Mask Kazoos: Death With An Annoying Diddy

For no good reason at all, the guys at Rathergood made a series of gas mask kazoos. All they need is one more member to make the scariest barbershop quartet ever assembled. » 2/13/09 7:20pm 2/13/09 7:20pm

14 Crazy Looking Gas Masks

We have seen a few crazy gas masks » 8/05/08 7:20pm 8/05/08 7:20pm in our day, but the 14 collected by OObject really take the cake. How about meeting Armageddon head on wearing a Mickey Mouse gas mask? Or a luxurious perhaps? Oooooh...creepy. []

Steampunk Soviet Gas Mask Looks Like That Nazi From Hellboy 1

This specially-created one-off steampunk gas mask was made from leather, brass, and a Soviet-era gas mask. What's special about this isn't that it looks incredibly creepy and incredibly cool, it's that it looks kinda similar to that Nazi villain from the first Hellboy movie. Maybe it's just us and our excitement for … » 7/08/08 3:00pm 7/08/08 3:00pm

Knitted Gas Mask Helps Cyclists Avoid Cotton-Wool Smog

For those who are about to knit, we salute you—especially if you make woolly hat 'n' gas mask combos for your friends to wear on their bike ride to work. Not sure whether it would work in the event of a mustard gas attack, but it works for me. File this alongside the R2-D2 beanie and Darth Vader bonnet and see the… » 2/22/08 9:00am 2/22/08 9:00am

Turn Your Old, Dusty PC Into Ghetto Gas Mask

Everyone needs a gas mask to go with their tinfoil hat, but the problem is that they tend to cost too damn much. Unless you construct one from scrap parts from your last PC. With a paper bag base, CD case visor and a filter fashioned from a keyboard box, cleaning disk, CPU fan and a WC paper tube, it's probably not… » 10/31/07 5:40pm 10/31/07 5:40pm

A Gasmask Becomes the Most Terrifying Showerhead Ever

Showers are great and all, but sometimes I wish they could be more terrifying. That's why I like this Gasmask Showerhead. It strikes fear deep into my soul, which is what I look for in a bathroom appliance. It's the details that make it special: the eye-holes hold your soap, and it appears to be coming out of the wall… » 5/15/07 2:00pm 5/15/07 2:00pm