How Do Gas Pumps Know When to Stop?

If you've ever put gas in a car, you'll know that the pump magically knows when to stop spewing fuel into the tank. That's super useful, and safe too. But how does it know when to stop? » 10/01/13 6:19am 10/01/13 6:19am

Gas Pump Skimmers Are Now Just as Good as Those on ATMs

If you worry about ATM skimmers and drive a car, it's time to freak the hell out: gas pump skimmers have matured, and they're now just as good as those on ATMs. » 7/30/13 4:40am 7/30/13 4:40am

Gas Gripper Rests Your Forearm Muscles At the Pump

It's rare to find a pump that doesn't have a latch to lock into the "on" position, but if you find one, the Gas Gripper will keep you from overexerting your forearms while filling up. » 12/19/08 6:45pm 12/19/08 6:45pm

Gas Pump Entertainment Center, Product of Bygone Era

The T39 Replica Gas Pump Entertainment Center is not just for the car enthusiast who is obsessed with the 1940s. It's for the guy who wants to spend almost 2 Gs on his entertainment center but never watch a TV bigger than 13 inches. Because while the gas pump's illuminated globe and retro styling are pretty cool for a… » 4/11/08 8:41am 4/11/08 8:41am

Afternoon News: XM-Sirius Merger Gets Serious, Gas Pumps Lie, and Mice…

• XM and Sirius shareholders approve merger, next stop: the FCC. [AP]
• Gas pumps that measure 1/1000th of a gallon really just trick you into thinking you're getting more gas. [Gadget Lab]
• Scientists genetically engineer mouse that isn't afraid of cats; rodent homicide rate expected to spike soon. [Pink Tentacle] » 11/13/07 6:35pm 11/13/07 6:35pm