This Fake Poop Is Helping Designers Test the Toilet of the Future

Toilet tech is no longer the oft-overlooked subject it once was, and much of that is thanks to the Gates Foundation, which has made helping the 3.5 billion people lacking access to clean toilets one of its main missions. But how does one test the durability of potential cost-effective commodes? By using fake poop, of… » 11/19/13 1:20pm 11/19/13 1:20pm

Retromodo: Gizmodo's Bill Gates Interviews Through History

Bill Gates puts up with us, having granted us three interviews in the past three and a half years. It's an intense experience: Bill isn't always fond of making eye contact, and is known to snap at reporters who ask dumb questions. After all, he's not just the Andrew Carnegie-or Emperor Palpatine-of his time. He's also… » 6/27/08 1:15pm 6/27/08 1:15pm

Bill Gates Retirement Party

The time has come. On June 27th, Bill Gates will stop commuting to Microsoft's Redmond campus on a daily basis, and begin full-time work at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. You probably know that for Bill, retirement doesn't mean what it meant for your dear old granddad. He will still visit his Redmond office once… » 6/23/08 6:00pm 6/23/08 6:00pm

All Things D Live: Melinda Gates, Bride of Bill

One of the most fascinating profiles I've read this year is the Melinda Gates cover story from Fortune. She's here at Walt and Kara's All Things D Conference to talk about The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, where Bill will be directing most of his energy come July. Although this is not directly gadget related, I'm … » 5/29/08 12:43pm 5/29/08 12:43pm

Bill Gates' Wife Reveals That Her First Love Was an Apple

The beautiful, smart and, no doubt, fragrant Melinda Gates is the subject of a mahoosive profile in Fortune. And, aside from the philanthropic angle (Bill and Melinda, it is estimated, will give away around $100 billion from their eponymous foundation) it gives a fascinating insight into the home life of Mr. and Mrs.… » 1/17/08 8:31am 1/17/08 8:31am